Saturday, August 13, 2011

Eye Candy Friday: Over a billion served

In the event you, like me, were not one of those willing or able to stand in line for hours to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit Savage Beauty at the Met before it closed last week, you can at least get a wee peek via this video tour of the exhibit with curator Andrew Bolton.

I haven't been to the Met in months, and it the McQueen show was not on my priority list (although the Serra drawings exhibit was and is, as is the Franz Hals show) but I have it on good authority, by several folks whose opinion I trust, that it was a phenomenal exhibit.   What criticism there has been of the exhibit revolves around the lack of context behind McQueen's body of work and that the show itself amounts to exhibition payola, or showroom rental as McQueen's fashion house sponsorship of the exhibition apparently covered a good deal of the expenses.

Speaking of payola, The Met and MoMA both announced that their admission price is rising to $25.  Of course, the Met's admission is suggested, although they obviously hope that a vast majority of its visitors remain ignorant of this.  The Met's increase took effect on July 1 and MoMA's will be coming on Sept. 1.  

The current Dead Hare Hotline relates to these admission fee increases.  We'd like to know your thoughts on these developments.  Will it affect your museum going  habits?  Call the Dead Hare Hotline and leave a message: 480-442-7311

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