Friday, August 12, 2011

NADA Hudson revisited: Dead Hare Radio Hour Episode 20

 NADA Hudson on the outside.

This week, the Dead Hare Radio Hour visits NADA Hudson, billed as a non art fair/sculpture installation held in Hudson on July 30 and 31, 2011 at the Basilica Hudson.

Listen to the show here:

NADA Hudson on the inside.

Sarah Anderson Lock, artist and Executive Director of Rural Projects has joined Dead Hare Radio as a contributor.  She has already been a part of the show's 18th episode (a round table discussion of recent NYFA Mark Program alums) and the 19th episode in which she journeys to Manchester, England to speak with members of the Owl Project.

Matthew, Sarah and I start off the show with our impressions of what we saw.  Then we proceed to hear the sounds of NADA Hudson.  I conducted short interviews with the following folks:

Nadia from the private dealer Bipolart which featured the "carton marquetry" of Andy Barrett.

 Works by Andy Barrett at Bipolart.
The backside of this Andy Barrett work is equally pleasing to look at.

Marisa Newman from Newman Popiaschvili Gallery which was presenting intricately beaded AK-47's by Artemio.
 Works by Artemio at Newman Popiaschvili.

Artist Andy Meerow who, with Rose Marcus, curated Evil Freaks II, a selection of artist created "chairs".
A view of the Evil Freaks II presentation.  
Andy Meerow's piece is the white panel with black text on the left.

Reid Ramirez

Georgia G Gray

left: Simone Frazier, right: Rose Marcus

Benjamin Tischer of Invisible Exports and Invisible Exports' featured artist Philip Von Zweck who was creating on demand editioned photocopies of artwork by other artists through the run of the weekend.
Philip von Zweck's printing station.

We also fold the recent NY Times article "Williamsburg on the Hudson" by Peter Applebom into the conversation, which is particularly timely given NADA's foray into Hudson.
Blogger and former Beacon resident Phyllis Bobb reacts to the article on her blog
Also, Leonard Nevarez (see DHRH Episode 6) responds to the article too.

Dana Gentile, Induced Seismicity.  Presented by Humble Arts Foundation.

 Above: the Carson Fisk-Vittori photocopy Philip von Zweck made for Chris, and below, a photocopy of a drawing by Deb Sokolow.

That creepy Three Men and a Rosie O'Donnell baby painting. Not sure of the identity of the artist.

Best bouncy house ever.

A selection of ceramic bat heads harboring surprises by Kahn & Selesnik.

A final view of the space...with Three Men and a Baby looking on.

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