Thursday, December 08, 2005

Beacon's quiet nightlife explained?

This item came to my attention via Edward Winkleman's blog. With so many artists in Beacon, and not a whole lot to do in the evening, it's been easy to assume they've all been working late in their studios, but there could be other reasons for artists staying in.. This past Sunday, the NY Times ran a story about a recent survey, the results of which say that while the average individual reports 3 sexual partners in their past, the average artist claims 4 to 10. Be sure to check out the comments on Edward's site; they are an interesting and vital part of his blog.


Rich said...

Holy cow! Why do I suddenly feel so dirty? And did they poll people who were adults in the 70's?

cralbert said...

I think the word is creative, Rich. You suddenly feel so creative! So get on the phone, and arrange some creativity for this weekend.