Thursday, December 08, 2005

Goings on and on

My last post not withstanding, this weekend has a lot going on. I have posted about a couple of them already, but to save space, I'm giving a quick run down.

It looks like there are openings at every single gallery in town this Saturday. I don't know specifics on them all, but you can visit baca's website. They have a complete listing. The event at Zahra's studio sounds like it should be a trip for sure. bau is going through the change, and the bau 12 exhibit opens featuring all 12 ongoing and outgoing members. Para/site has an opening for an exhibit that I'm anxious to see. There is a new photography gallery called Exposures that will have it's grand opening on Saturday.

Of course, Spire is having its Open Studio and Art Auction. There are nearly 100 pieces generously donated from artists from near and not so near. The offering looks good.

World's End Books will be hosting a book release party at 5 pm for Kazim Ali's second book, The Far Mosque. At 8 pm, Kazim will be hosting a fundraiser for the Hidaya Foundation at Chthonic Clash Coffee House, 418 Main St. Indian Classicla Vocalists Sheetal Karhade and Suhas Joshi will be performing.

On Sunday, Artist Curry Mendes will be hosting an open studio from 12 to 6. Info is in a previous post below. (It's late, and I'm too lazy to insert many links.)

Also on Sunday, in Peekskill, HVCCA will be hosting a Free Arts Day with free admission day featuring a video presentations by Sara Greenburer Rafferty, and Kate Gilmore. There will also be a musical performance at 4pm.

Back in Beacon at 6 pm, bau will be kicking off it's "take a bau" performance series on the 1st & 2nd Sundays with a solo performance by Marvin Bugalu Smith.

And if all that is not enough, some of us at Spire will be watching 2 episodes of Art 21 Season 3, at 7pm. Everyone is invited to hang out with us in our studio living room.

That's all.

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