Sunday, December 11, 2005

Images from Spire Studios Art Auction, Dec 10

The total tally has yet to be made, but by all accounts, the art auction at Spire Studios was a success. Some images from the event:

Judy Lombardi, Executive Director of Grace Smith House, speaking about the mission, and activities of the organization.

Todd Spire, Event Co-Organizer and Benjamin Krevolin, Director of the Dutchess County Arts Council.

PumpkinHead Mendes speaking with Molly.

Todd Spire predicting the result of Alexis Elton's next growth spurt.

Event Co-Organizer, Kathy Feighery letting loose in the after event dance party in Jeff Caramagna's studio

Other images of the auction, photographed by Angelika Rinnhofer are at Grace Smith House's website.

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