Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Holy Cow

There have been two topics that have been floating around over the past couple of weeks that have had folks asking how much each other knows about them. The first topic revolves around the charges of animal cruelty against Sandy Saunders, and whether the charges would or should have any effect on the sculpture project that the Collabortive group is putting together on Saunders' land in Garrison NY. The Second topic that has come to the fore regards the possible fate of the Beacon Cultural Foundation, and how that may affect Bulldog Studios, and the tenant artists with workspace therein.

As to topic #1, The sculpture project at Saunders' farm is on, and scheduled to open on Sept 2. The group has set up a website with information on the exhibit. As far as I have heard, the group has not had any comment on the incident involving Saunders.

In regard to topic #2, I have no definite information to share. I've only heard broad speculation as to the future of BCF, and some anxiety about the certainty existing leases will continue to be honored. I imagine, and hope, that the current state of affairs will be made clear for those with workspaces at Bulldog.
If anyone would like to share thoughts or info on these or any other pressing topics, feel free to coment.

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