Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Preview at Zahra's Studio

I was running around last night, taking pictures of the some of the pieces in the Windows On Main St, and I stopped into Zahra's Studio. Keith's next show is "Non Graffiti Graffiti Writers Show," and is featuring graffiti writers from around the country. The show includes work by: Tupher, Vatoe, Steps, Dever, Dement, Troph, Imitation Crab Meat, and 78. I don't know who's work was what as there was no information available when I stopped in.
I'm fond of different applications in the graffiti form, and I dig the feel of this show. One thing I find that Zahra does in many of his exhibits is give you some small, fresh bit of weirdness to covet, and I can see that happening for me with this show.

NGGWS at Zahra's Studio opens this Saturday, Aug 12 and runs through Aug 31. The reception on Saturday will be held from 6-11pm.

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