Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Weekend recap

We attended the member's reception for the opening of Sol Lewitt's "Drawing Series...." on sat..and it was again a pleasure to see this work. The last post I wrote regarding the series of peices was based on my recollection of a few days ago, and upon seeing the work a second time, I'm really taken by the collection of pieces. There are 14 pieces on exhibit, not 9 as I had estimated earlier. Specifics on the installation can be found at . Also opening this weekend at Dia is a series of photographs called Trap Rock by An-My Le.

From Dia, we stopped off to visit Richard Bruce's opening at The Beacon Institute.

Our last stop saturday was Go North for the 100 Live 100 Work exhibit. It's a tiny joint with lots of people and lots of tiny artwork. The photos are from the gathering at Go North. The evening was enjoyable and full, but without the general "performance night" frenzy of a Second .

Postcard sized work at Go North.

Elia Gurna's "I Hear America Singing" found a home at Go North to complete the duration of the Windows on Main St project after the Library Board voted for its removal from the library.

On Sunday, I ran to the opening reception for the exhibit curated by Daniel Fuller "Only the Paranoid Survive." The Peekskill Project opened this weekend and there's a lot to take in.
If you're heading to Peekskill in the near future, here are some upcoming P.P. events:

Saturday, Sept. 23, noon: A meditation mediation event at RiverFront Green.
Sunday, Oct. 1, 4pm: Roundtable discussion, "Here, There, Everywhere: Peekskill Project 2004-2006." A discussion with participating artists looking back at past and current Peekskill Projects moderated by Ingrid Chu. Reception to follow.

Saturday, Oct 7:
1pm: Shaun El C. Leonardo "Self Portrait Icon: Retrato Iconico Individual" Starting at Riverfront Green and ending at HVCCA.
12-4pm: Elsie Green gives a presentation and workshop on making Zines at HVCCA.
Event info will be updated at the HVCCA website this week.

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