Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Alternative Reading: Bill Erlich as Beacon's Saviour?

In the middle of the Summer, in the span of two weeks, I had as many conversations with two people and the topic ran to the development of Beacon as a viable art mecca in the wake of the opening of Dia:Beacon. Each person, active in the arts, one of them more closely involved with the machinations here in town, and the other a knowledgeable viewer from a more distanced position spoke about Erlich as Beacon power broker, and his role in potentially taking up all the oxygen in Beacon's redevelopment potential by swallowing up much of the viable, properties.
Of the planned projects that have been widely known and which have fallen through, and at least one I recently learned about which - could have been rather interesting and which had also fallen through
So here's an alternative take on the strain of thought that Ehrlich's property hoarding choked off the potential for a robust rebound in Beacon's fortunes;  What if Bill Ehrlich's actions, and those of his company, Beacon Terminal Associates, actually helped prevent an even faster frenzy of development that may have had unintended, unfavorable consequences?  What if the Beacon's economic revival/redevelopment, though slower and drawn out, turns out to be more organic, and sustainable for the long run?
Just a thought.

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