Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Art as an Impetus for Successful Re-Development", A panel discussion at HVCCA

On Friday, Oct 5 at 6pm, HVCCA in Peekskill will be hosting a panel discussion called "Art as an Impetus for Successful Re-Development."

Speakers on the panel include Maider Bilbao Echeverria (HVCCA's Summer '07 Artist-In-Residence), Linda Lees (Founder of Creative Cities International), and Joyce Pomeroy Schwartz (Art Consultant & Director of Works of Art for Public Spaces).
HVCCA's website:

Since the clean up of the Hudson River began in earnest some years ago, many
river towns have struggled with regaining economic stability. Areas dependent on
forms of production that were not considered environmentally hostile closed,
creating pockets of unemployment and resultant urban blight. Artists have
historically moved into struggling areas as affordable economic sites. They have
beautified locations left abandoned by others, creating communities that are
exemplars of the potential of rejuvenation. Many towns and communities along the
Hudson River can be seen as case studies for the successes and failures of this
transformative trend. Urban centers from Chelsea to Yonkers, Ossining,
Peekskill, Haverstraw, Tarrytown, Beacon, Poughkeepsie and Hudson, to name just
a few, are experiencing a revival through envisioning their communities as
artists' havens and locations for museums and arts organizations.

The city of Bilbao in the Basque area of Spain will be discussed as a model that has
experienced enormous economic and community revitalization (now commonly
referred to as the "Bilbao Effect") through the arts and, in particular, the
establishment of the Guggenheim Bilbao, a museum complex that is a locus for
international tourism.

HVCCA Members: $7.50
Non-Members: $10.00
Students: $5.00

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