Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bulletin Board:

The Beacon Halloween Fest invites artists to participate in the Jack O'lantern event, and parade:

The Jack O’ Lantern Fest is an event in which artists, families, and locals of all kinds are invited to come and carve a great creation from pumpkins! We are hoping as many artists as possible come, carve a pumpkin and light it up as the sun goes down to create a grand spectacle of

We will have about 50 medium sized pumpkins for sale but anyone is welcome to bring a pumpkin or pre-carved Jack to the event.

A contest will be held to judge the best pumpkins in the child and adult categories. Only pumpkins that are carved at the event will be judged.

Refreshments and desserts will also be sold at the event. All proceeds to towards more and better holiday events for next year so come show your support!

Date and Time and other info:
Saturday October 27th from 3pm until just after dusk where we will light ‘em
up! Candles will be supplied but we ask that you bring your favorite carving
tool. Beacon Art Supply has some great tools that make great carvers!

As a side note we welcome all artists to create a float for this year’s Halloween Parade.
For more details visit: We hope to see you there!

Beacon Community Center seeks artists for Senior Activities Program.
Program director, Jennifer Kurtz wants to broaden the selection projects in different media, and is looking for artists willing to volunteer to teach a 1-2 hour course. For more on how to volunteer, call the center at 845-831-6180.

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