Thursday, December 13, 2007

Beacon Art Postcard Archive, in cooperation with bau, is initiating the Beacon Art Postcard Archive.

The printing of postcards has long since become de rigeur in the process of putting together an exhibition, and in away represents a very simple form of self publishing. Taken as a whole, over a period of time these artifacts, which tend to linger in disheveled collections on coffee shop and gallery windowsills well beyond the exhibition dates, create a physical record of the temporal flow of creative activity in a community. The intent of the Art Postcard Archive is to gather these promotional pieces together and create an historical record of the artistic activities in Beacon and Surrounding Areas. The parameters of the archive are a bit fuzzy right now, allowing for flexibility. Essentially, the collection will focus on all art exhibitions and events that have taken place in Beacon, and in the immediate area as well as exhibitions and events in areas further afield that include local artists, and those involved in the creative community in and around Beacon, NY. In addition to postcards, the archive will accept small flyers or similar material.

If you have operated a gallery in Beacon, if you are an artist living, working, showing art in and around Beacon with postcards promoting shows you've had here and elsewhere concurrent to your connection to Beacon, we'd appreciate the donation of a single copy for the archive. The archive will take the form of a box that will initially be housed at the Beacon Artist Union at 161 Main St. with postcards arranged chronologically. We intend the archive to remain an open source record, that, eventually, will be donated to the Beacon Historical Society. Adding current material to the archive is obviously easier than gathering older materials so we are interested in collecting any postcards from previous years and would appreciate any assistance in gathering material from past exhibits. If you'd like more information or if you have questions, contact me at info(at)

If you have postcards to add to the archive, feel free to drop them off at bau, or contact me directly. Also, if you have any questions or would like more information shoot me an email.

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