Thursday, December 27, 2007

A time to reflect

Maykr's previous posts act as a surrogate memory bank, as the one I was born with fades so easily these days.

So, this is the year kicked off with the Beacon School District having resumed management of the old Beacon High School, and in January held a community forum regarding future use and fate of the building. I understand it now, from passing words, there seem to be a couple of parties interested in the building.

As far as galleries in 2007 go, TenTents went dormant, although I believe it still retains the space at 502 Main. Of course a fresh crop of spaces opened up this year, beginning with Freshman Fine Art in January, which made it through October before expiring. Fovea Exhibitions Beacon Gallery opened in May; Open Space, MJ Art and Mount Beacon Fine Art in September, and Hermitage in December, adding a broader variety and depth to what we can see close to home.

Windows on Main St went off without any notable controveries in 2007, and Collaborative Concepts has settled into it's new niche with the annual Saunder's Farm exhibit in Garrison.

The best in-Beacon-exhibits on my list?
William Crow and Joel Holub at Go North in February.
Our War at Fovea Exhibitions, haunting and still in my mind.

Exhibitions that made an impact on me further afield in 2007:
Richard Tuttle at Sperone Westwater in NYC.
Bill Jensen at Cheim and Read, NYC.
Andrea Zittel at MOCA in LA.

I think the show I'd most like to forget was also at LA MOCA. Whack! Art and the Feminist Revolution was an endeavor of sappy nostalgia. The encyclopedic exhibition's organization, though edifying from a sociological standpoint, succeeded in degrading the potency some otherwise powerful work.

I invite you to comment on the most memorable exhibits and the real stinkers you saw this year. Really, I want to know.

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