Monday, November 17, 2008

Habitat for Artists: the next generation

Bookending the Summer, going up and coming down

Dismantling of the Habitat for Artists enclave at Spire Studios commenced at the end of October. With this first phase of HFA now over, the real fun can begin. One of the habs will stay on location as a sort of homebase while other structures are located elsewhere, bringing more artists into the project.
A reconstituted version of the hab used by
Sharon L. Butler this Summer is currently sitting up in the Fields Sculpture Park at Art Omi. Come next Spring and proceeding for the next two years, the habitat will give shelter to artists working in and on the space.

As she ended her time working in her habitat, Sharon added additional layers of wallpaper over top of the existing photos and text. The structure took on the look of an interior architectural excavation in reverse - on the exterior. Those yellow and white elements still stand, augmented with new accents.

Panels by Grey Zeien, Matt Sargood, and Marnie Hillsley adorn one side of the Habitat. Another structure has a home at Poets' Walk, a Scenic Hudson park, and will also be available as a truly mini retreat for artists.
On a related, ecologically artful mindedness note, Tricia Watts and Amy Lipton of Eco Artspace, a sponsor of the HFA project, recently started an
Finally, the Habitat project will be the subject of an exhibit at Van Brunt Gallery's Project Space in January.

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