Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Second Saturday, Nov 8, 2008

400 Square: outside and inside. The opening reception and book signing for
Ronnie Farley's exhibit Diary of a Pedestrian.
An abnormally warm November evening drew a sizeable crowd Saturday night. The west end of Main St was particularly active. Coming upon the scene gave the impression of real density of activity. That perception will be enhanced next month when Van Brunt Gallery gets lean mean and green, with a new location and a new program, relocating to a smaller spot, I believe, next to Main St's permanent installation project, Kringle's.
Like untethered barrels of rum in the hull of a listing ship, the migration of storefronts to the west end continues. Given the inherent challenges facing the east end in terms of foot traffic coming from the river (as illustrated by the recent travel item in the NY Times), that side of town might want to define itself as the out of the way, decadent, bohemian, quarter of town - make visitors hungry to traverse that middle section of Main St. Perhaps businesses east of the diner could go topless, give it a little Moulin Rouge mytique.

Lind Richichi at bau.

Van Brunt's future location

Andy Rementer at Open Space.

Jill Reynolds at Go North.

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