Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spire Studios presents "Snapper" by Christopher Laro, Nov 22 @ 7pm

On Saturday, Nov. 22, Spire Studios will be presenting a special performance. Here's the rundown from the Spire website:
SnapperBy Christopher Laro
SNAPPER is a cutting-edge drama which aims to bring attention to the atrocities of pedophilia. Featuring Todd Spire on guitar as the play's underscore and Christopher Laro's intense portrayal as a suspect being interrogated by two detectives, this two-man show with live music is the most 'controversial fiction on the issue of pedophilia ever done in theater, film or TV!' More than a One Act play about child abuse, Laro's writing is also a tribute to victims who fall into the hands of these monsters who prey on our children. And with the acoustic guitar playing of Spire and his anthem 'Alma's
Song,' 'SNAPPER' will make you get involved during the Q&A discussion following the piece.
A controversial drama stemming from our outrage at the lack of diligent public concern for the safety of children in order to encourage social discourse on the issue of child predators.
With: Christopher Laro
& musical accompaniment by Todd Spire
Admission: $5 - Seating is limited. Come early.
25% of proceeds to
benefit Warriors for Innocence

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