Friday, March 13, 2009

Final weekend for For the Love of Art in Peekskill

An estimate on the Yamet Arts website claims that 1500 people turned out for the opening of For the Love of Art (every single time I go to type that phrase, I invariably type For the Love of Money). You've got one more weekend to check out the show if that's what you're intending, the show closes on Sunday. I'll be down there for some time on Sunday.
Below are a few images of the exhibit, there are many more pics of the opening on
Kate Vrimjoet's site.
Deb Davidowits

Matt Harle

Christopher Albert

Emil Alzamora

Michael Ricardo Andreev

Jill Reyolds

Eleanor White

Angelika Rinnhofer

works by Leslie Pelino and Nathan Margoni

Laura Moriarty

A view of the video screening room....I'm not sure who's work we're looking at here.

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