Sunday, March 15, 2009

On Destinations never reached and short lived visions

During the Summer between fourth and fifth grades, my dad, future stepmom and I RV'd around western Canada for about six weeks. One day while tooling down the road, my dad spied a grand enticing lake over the tree tops. Apparently, the lure of the undoubtedly prime fishing available in that lake was overwhelming enough that he pulled onto the shoulder of the highway and we set off on foot for that alpine oasis. Now, ours was not a party well versed in the language of the wilderness by any stretch, and after an extended period of walking, visions of reeling in giant trout were replaced by visions of unsuspecting tourists being mauled by grizzlies. We were lucky that we didn't get lost on our way back to the RV. As it turned out we never found that lake.
I mention this as the memory was brought to mind as I endeavored to make my way to the Marist Art Gallery on Thursday afternoon for the art reception being held for a group exhibit of digital work, including that of Carl Van Brunt. The art gallery, as I understand, is located in the Steel Plant Studios building which is very visible right along side Rt 9. Although I've passed the building many times, I never thought to go there, therefore, I never wondered how to get there. Coming from the North, I turned at the next available light just passed the building. Unfortunately it seems, the only direct access point to the building is from the North and I didn't find any connecting streets, so I had to back track which took a while given the heavy afternoon traffic that cycled slowly through the lights in that area. Once I finally made it in to the correct area, I did not easily find any visitor parking. All the lots around the Steel Plant buildings seemed to be permit parking, so I did a once-round the lot and decided to continue on home after a long day of work. Maybe is was all just a mirage anyway.
Anyway, here are some images from the current, and fleetingly brief exhibit at Van Brunt Gallery which will end after tomorrow.
l-r: Todd Sargood, Bo Gehring (white sculpture in center & color striped piece) Emil Alzamora, Ryan Cronin

l-r: Emil Alzamora, Ryan Cronin, Emil Alzamora, Christopher Albert (2 paintings), D.Dominick Lombardi (on pedestal), Ken Vallario.

l-r: Ed Benevente, D. Dominick Lombardi, Ed Benevente

l-r: D. Dominick Lombardi, Ken Vallario

Todd Sargood

three of Kathy Feighery's recent paintings, created postpartum

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