Friday, March 27, 2009

Eye Candy Friday: Flash Fleece

It's been a long hard intense week and my personal Eye Candy Friday will be an episode of Season 3 of Arrested Development....but for the rest of you, here's a little bit of furry herd animals. Just try not to think about it being a commercial for an electronics company.
In watching this, I wonder if the film Brokeback Mountain would not have been so heartbreaking if the two main characters had been more creative in finding ways to fill the down time out on the range.

Thanks to Stan for this one.


Angelika Rinnhofer said...

Since we don't really see and talk with each other anymore, unless we meet on the train or in bed (no, it's just that we're both on crazy schedules these days), I'm posting my reaction to this eye candy here. Baaa-haaa-haaa! Where on earth do you find these things?

cralbert said...

Indeed it's been hectic recently, my Strudlekins. At least we'll always have MAYKR, the bed and the train to bring us together.