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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Circus on Mars at John Davis Gallery in Hudson, closing Nov 2

I recently mentioned Martin Bromirski's claimed exhibit at the John Davis Gallery in Hudson. As I didn't see mention of the show on the gallery's website, I questioned the voracity veracity of the artist's claim, not that I questioned the artist's integrity, but I was simply living by the adage doveryai, no proveryai. Well, he's come through and presented documentation. So Martin's exhibit Circus on Mars is on the third floor of a carriage house space behind the gallery, as I understand it. From his images, the space's antiquated patina, complete with suspicious skid marks on some walls lends a new level of creepiness of clown allusions. I'm going to try to make a visit on Sunday which will be the final day of the exhibit.


Martin said...

okay i can understand questioning my veracity, but my voracity is beyond dispute!

cralbert said...

that's embarrassing.