Monday, October 13, 2008

The Beacon Art Postcard Archive continues...

Thanks to everyone who has added postards to the Beacon Art Postcard Archive. When I went over to add some more myself, I saw that there were many that have come in. It's been great to be reminded of shows from three to five years ago. As we get further on, I may post a couple of images here and there of some memorable shows.....
If you've added some cards, drop me a line and let me know, I'd like to list everyone that is contributing to the archive.

Thus far contributors to the archive are: Van Brunt Gallery, Thomas Huber, Franc Palaia, Tony Moore, pearldaddy, Open Space, Go North, Hermitage, bau

We've started filling in holes that exist in prior years from 2007 back. We need assistance tracking down cards from galleries in Beacon that have closed, such as LoRiver Arts, Collaborative Concepts, Kiesendahl & Calhoun, The Beacon Project Space, Exposures Beacon, Wildwood Gallery, EcoArt Space, Minetta Brook, Freshman Fine Arts, Mart, Finders Keepers and any others that are escaping me.

Also, if you're an artist with postcards that relate to shows in which you've participated outside of the area, and coincide with your time in the Beacon sphere, please pass those along as well as it offers a more extensive image of artists working and living in this area.

This an ongoing project. If you have some cards you'd like to contribute, let me know via email, or simply drop them off at bau.

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