Friday, October 10, 2008

Eye Candy Friday: anyone lose a lunch?

Above is a walk through a Martin Creed exhibit in Milan. Martin Creed might easily be considered the Adrian Monk of the art world. I recently listened to a podcast of a talk Martin gave at MoMA earlier this year, where he and his interviewer Pablo Helguera spent a full minute talking about whether they should sit or stand for the discussion. They stood. Then, several minutes later, they sat. the talk is available at Itunes U.He's a peculiar dude by nature, and that nature is cultivated conciously as his working persona. A funny exchange comes toward the end of the MoMa talk when an audience member asks"

"Was there ever a point that you had to de-intellectualize yourself to be like this? I mean were you once, like really, um, sophisticated? "

"Do you think I'm not sophisticated? "

"Kind of. I don't know if your feelings are sophisticated, but your literal thought process is really casual, which comes across as not sophisticated."

"I dunno. I think all that you hearing are my words, not my thoughts. "

"Did you use to be more cerebral?"

"Did I use to be more cerebral? No no, I've always been equally cerebral. "

The aspects underlying Martin's work are becoming more relevant to my reflections on my own work. I've posted a bit previously on Creed's music.
Here's a little number called Words (I think):

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