Sunday, October 12, 2008

Maykr, meet Globatron. Globatron, meet Maykr

I recently mentioned Emil Alzamora's interview on Well, there's another interview on that site: mine.

Based out of Jacksonville Fla, Globatron is the alter ego of Byron King. Byron told me he and his young family are thinking of moving up to the Beacon area in the not too distant future. The ball's in maykr's court now to reciprocate and find out more about Globatron. The site appears to be well ensconced in the Jax art community with a few dispersed outposts. I think Byron and his energies would be a welcome addition to this community.
Sadly, as my email correspondence with Byron was flying back and forth over the past two weeks, I learned about his battle with a brain tumor which is growing and considered possibly malignant. Byron has set up a cafe press shop to help raise funds for his medical costs. Emil has donated an image to the shop, I'll be doing so very shortly, and I expect to be doing some shopping there. There is also a paypal link on the Globatron homepage to donate to the cause.

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Byron said...

Hey thanks Chris for doing the interview. I really enjoyed it.

We're coming up to Beacon in two weeks. Plan on checking it out and visiting with Emil. maybe you and I can meet up for coffee or something if the timing is right.

Yeah and if anyone is interested in donating images to the cafepress project that would be a big help as my biopsy is next month.

Can't wait to move up to Beacon and do Globatron from Beacon. Really looking forward to meeting all of you.