Friday, March 17, 2006

The Living Artists of Beacon Directory

If you live in Beacon, you've probably seen the flyers or received the emails seeking submissions for "The Living Artists of Beacon Directory." The directory is an endeavor of artist, writer and art therapist, Mia Barkan Clarke. Mia moved to Beacon in 2005 with her family for the same reasons many others have recently: convenient proximity to Manhattan, the beautiful surroundings, and an atmosphere that is conducive to the process of creating art.
Mia feels it's important to organize and compile a list of the creative force in Beacon to promote and support the work of the individual artists in town. She sees the directory as a valuable guide for collectors, interior designers and others looking for art, and believes it will further distinguish Beacon as an art destination with an abundant source of talent. Mia estimates the number artists living or working in Beacon to be around 150 and response by artists wanting to be included in the first edition has been good. The inclusion in the directory is free, and open to individuals working in all disciplines: fine and applied arts, music, dance, theater, design, etc.

Each artist's entry will include contact info, details on the artist's work, and a 50 word statement by the artist. Deadline for submissions is March 31, 2006. The online submission form can be found at
(I'm currently writing on a mac, and cannot hyperlink to mia's site, right now.)

I will ask Mia if inclusion to the Directory will also be open to the one dead artist that has a studio at Bulldog.

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