Sunday, March 12, 2006

Rundown of the Week

So Second Saturday passed by again yesterday. We held our open studio at Spire, and I was not able to make it out to any other venues. If anyone has images from the evening. feel free to send them on.

As my schedule has been rather full over the last couple of weeks, I was not able to post information that was passed on to me and almost passed by me, So here is a quick review of items from the last week.

The Poughkeepsie Journal's March 3rd Enjoy section featured an article on the "Women Artists of Beacon" exhibit currently on view through March 26 at the Howland Cultural Center. The exhibit includes work of various media by over 20 female artists working in Beacon.

That same issue of Enjoy featured a profile of Deborah Bailey Browne, and the "Curated Office" event that was held at her office on March 3. I have added a couple of images from the office here, with more to come soon. The exhibit includes work by Alexis Elton, Matt Kinney, Marnie Hillsley and myself. The response by visitors that night was really gratifying and I think the intent of this series of events has been successful: to exhibit contemporary art, some of it rather challenging, in a context of a familiar, living environment where it may engender a greater level of appreciation from a new audience.

The WAW Gallery at Westchester Community College in Peekskill is currently hosting an exhibit of Beacon artist and gallerist, Carl VanBrunt's digital paintings through April 15.

If you're heading going down to Peekskill, stop in the Division St Grill, 26 N. Division St., where currently have work on display.

The cover of this week's Pulse magazine features an image by Steve Cerio, whose exhibit at Zahra's Studio opened yesterday. POJO's March 10th Enjoy also includes an article about the Cerio exhibit.
The centerfold of Pulse contains a review written by Abby Luby of the exhibits of Grace Knowlton and Simon Draper at VanBrunt Gallery with several images of the two artists' work.

There was a NYTimes photographer at bau yesterday taking images in connection Westchester Section feature on cooperative art groups in the region.

Finally, in another example of following a wildly circuitous route toward learning of news close to home, I was directed via MAN to Kriston Capp's focus at Grammer on the suspension of a Middletown, NY High School teacher in a confusing case of nude figure drawing classes, and initimations of impropriety. I have not yet been able to fully read the accounts of the case, but I'm passing it along so that others may do so as there is currently action being taken to support reinstatement of the teacher, Peter Panse and this is a fresh story. There are links in the Grammer Police post to the original reports of the incident from the Times Herald Record. I'll post updates when I know more.

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