Friday, January 30, 2009

Eye Candy Friday: Innovations for the betterment of humanity - or not

To make up for a couple of weeks in hiatus, this week's ECF edition is a triple decker that relate to the inventiveness of the human being.
Part one features a demonstration of Brazilian moxie which comes to us by way of
James Westwater's new blog In just 26 days, James has racked up 48 posts already, much of which deal with issues of sustainability, homelessness, ebay and artful survival.

I'm not sure which culture we can credit for this innovation. It's mesmerizing to watch. via Megan and Murray.

Finally, Let's see what the Finn's have been cooking up:

Somehow I can't remember where I found this last one.....odds are it was C-monster, but could have been Hrag Vartanian... I simply can't remember. sorry.

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