Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hues of Hudson screening and discussion at Van Brunt Gallery Feb 1, 3pm.

Hues of Hudson is a documentary video produced by and directed by John Sullivan about art and artists in the Hudson Valley. Sullivan produced the video this fall as a senior project at Marist. The video which can be found on youtube in two parts, features interviews with Carl Van Brunt, Sara Pasti, Simon Draper, Thomas Huber, Paul Smart, Michael Sabilia, Norm Magnusson, Benjamin Krevolin, Franc Palaia and Jose Acosta on the state of art in the Hudson Valley.
Van Brunt Gallery will be hosting a screening and a discussion of Hues of Hudson on Sunday at 3pm as part of the Habitat for Artists Goes Inside project which is occupying the gallery through March 2.

Hues of Hudson, Part 1 (above) Part 2 (below).

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