Monday, January 19, 2009

Last week

I had just enough conviction to stop into Steve Rossi's opening at Go North on January's snowy Second Saturday.
The has some images from Cahbsmn's show at Floor One Gallery.
Carla Goldberg posted some images of the Freedom and Art exhibit at Mt. Beacon Fine Art here.
Below are a few images of the opening reception of the first phase of the Habitat for Artists project at Van Brunt on Jan 17. As a form of introduction to the overall project this part of the exhibit features 14 inch square tiles created by participating artists. The tiles conform to a modular format that can make up the skin of a habitat - in its shed form. It's like working from the outside in. HFA is not about the structures, it's about the activities those structures facilitate. As the exhibit wears on, those activities; the interactions, the exchanges should prove to be crux of the show.

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