Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Call for Artists: FORRENT

Much is made of the power of the creative class in kick starting economic growth of particular locales. Based on the concept posited by Richard Florida which is largely misunderstood and deformed by result oriented civic leaders, communities far and wide have sought to harness the power of art to attract visitors, lend a certain atmosphere, and hopefully spawn a cultural and economic growth.

What’s a community to do if it has no "art scene" to speak of, no apparent creative edge that might catch the eye of young creative individuals looking to relocate?

TORRENT, or FORRENT is a project that seeks to lend to those communities missing out on the avalanche of cash rolling in to communities awash in resident artists need not suffer in silence.

Your hapless community may not have the benefit of the economic engine of artists pulsing away, but the For Rent signs dressing the vacant storefronts along your Main St will make it look like you do.

Energetic, progressive young professionals looking relocate and start families will fall under the spell of you town with the knowledge they are on the leading edge of a movement in a burgeoning creative center.

TORRENT => FORRENT is part of a series of projects created by Christopher Albert as part of the 10x10x10 exhibit in Ellenville, NY.

Artists are invited to re-envision the FOR RENT sign as part of a storefront installation during a portion of the Ellenville exhibit and an ongoing web project.

Complete details on submissions can be found here. Deadline for signs is June 22. Signs can be dropped of at Hudson Beach Glass in Beacon and the Ellenville Public Library in Ellenville, NY. Signs can also be mailed (visit link above for mailing address).

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