Friday, June 19, 2009

Eye Candy Friday: Urban Renewal

Jim Darling kept himself busy during his extended stay in Beacon for for his exhibit at Open Space.  Some examples of Jim's one man urban beautification project have been floating around the web in recent weeks.  I included the first image that dropped in my mailbox in an ECF from a couple of weeks ago.  These pics have been floating around the web at such fine purveyors of visual treats as wooster collective, the sabotaz 80 blog, marvelous mouth...and I'm sure many others. 
On another note, our friends at Thundercut were recently featured in a report on MTV Brasil for their Walker project which adorns the walk/don't walk signs in downtown Manhattan. Here's a link to the item, it's the second video (Bloco 2) and the Thundercut segment is about half way through the vid.
Here's one of the Walker personages via jakedobkins' flickr page:

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