Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dia, Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts host Professional Devlopment Workshops for artists

Dia:Beacon, in partnership with the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts will be hosting a three part series of Professional Development Workshops beginning on June 27 with a session on Copyright Law. The series, Art Law - after Conceptual Art, in the Digital Age, and during Lean Times.
Each of the classes will be held at Dia:Beacon Riggio Galleries and will be taught by Sergio Muñoz, Associate Director of Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, NYC.
Admission is $10 per class which includes museum admission. Members of Dia, the Dutchess County Arts Council, and Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, NYC are free.

Here's the workshop schedule:
Sat, June 27, 2pm: Copyright Law for Visual Artists
Sat, Sept 12, 2pm: Legal Issues in Contemporary Art
Sat, Oct. 17, 2pm: Considering the Fiscall Sponsorship Model to Structure and Support Art Projects.

In a timely bit of synchronicity, the radio program Studio 360 recently ran a feature in which correspondent Mark Phillips, inspired by seeing Sol LeWitt's installation of wall drawings at Dia:Beacon, decided to create a version of his own in his apartment. The episode explores the idea of copyright and ownership in relation to conceptual art and includes Phillips' conversation with Lacey Fekishazy's critiqued his work.
The episode show page features a slide show of images showing the LeWitt installation of Wall Drawing 1211 at Mass MOCA, and Phillip's rendition over the rumpled sheets of his bed.

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