Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Dorsky Museum's annual regional invitational opens today in New Paltz. Ecotones and Transition Zones, curated by Brian Wallace examines the relationship between environment and culture. Here's the line up of artists participating in the exhibit which runs through September 6, 2009:
Michael Asbill
Robert Capozzi
Robert Capozzi / Lorrie Fredette / Dylan McManus / Laura Moriarty / Jill Parisi
Ryder Cooley
Dick Crenson
Simon Draper / Habitat for Artists
Dana Duke
Beth Humphrey
Heather Hutchison
Tanya Marcuse
Susan Miiller
Wayne Montecalvo
Itty Neuhaus
Franc Palaia
J. Gilbert Plantinga
Emily Puthoff
Jill Reynolds
Ryan Roa
Camilo Rojas
Thomas Sarrantonio
Ida Weygandt

A free gallery tour will be given tomorrow, June 14 from 2 to 3pm. Tomorrow is also the final day to see the Dorsky's other exhibits: Bradford Graves Selected Works, Analog Catalog: investigating the Permanent Collection, Eva Watson-Schutze Photographer (this show has some stunning portraits.)
Simon Draper's Habitat for Artists is included in the exhibit and will have a presence in the museum, on campus and throughout New Paltz during the run of the exhibit. HFA is seeking proposals from artists interested in working in one of the diminutive studio spaces in public areas around New Paltz for three week periods. visit HFA's blog for contact info.

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