Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Art21 preview screenings in Beacon, NY: Oct 3 & 10 at the BCC and Oct 6 at the Beahive.

"Compassion" will be screened on Oct 3 at 2pm at the Beacon Community Center, and on Oct 6 at 8pm at the Beahive.

Art21, the Peabody Award winning series of documentaries on art and artists in the 21st Century is coming 'round again for its fifth season in October.
Since 1997, each Art21 season features a handful of themed hour-long episodes that present segments on three or four artists, in their own words, describing the nature their work and the issues behind it.
This season's 4 episodes are organized around the the four themes of Compassion, Fantasy, Transformation and Systems.
Over the years, the scope of Art21 has developed and amazing set of educational material and programs around the documentaries.  As the featured artists respond to and incorporate various political, social and personal issues into their work, The material has the position of demonstrating how to use art as a tool for their student's comprehension in all other subjects.  Additionally, the Art21 blog features a rotation of invited guest bloggers to chronicle aspects of the artworld most significant to them.  Daniel Fuller , a former Beacon resident, who is now the Senior Program Specialist at the Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative was one of the  guest bloggers over the Summer.
An initiative that has grown over the past two seasons Art21's program of Access Events where the program teams up with institutions and groups internationally to host preview screenings and events to accompany the series on PBS.
Several screenings are planned in the Hudson Valley including Newburgh, New Paltz and Kingston.
I have scheduled Preview screenings of Episode 1 (Compassion) on Oct 3 at 2pm and Episode 2 (Fantasy) on Oct 10 at 4pm both at the Beacon Community Center at 23 W Center St.
The Beacon Art Salon and the Beahive will be screening Episode 1 on Oct 6 at 8pm. 

Episode 1 "Compassion" highlights the work of Carrie Mae Weems, Doris Salcedo and William Kentridge.
Episode 2 "Fantasy" features Cao Fei, Florian Maier-Aichen, Jeff Koons and Mary Heilmann.

Beacon has a rare distinction for a city of its size as it has had ties to many of the artists who have been highlighted in the documentaries over the years through the presence in town of Dia, Minetta Brook, Tallix and the Beacon Cultural Foundation.  In the case of the episodes we'll be screening at the BCC,  Jeff Koons who's in episode 2 had many of his highly polished steel sculptures fabricated in Beacon at Tallix.  The Beacon Cultural Project brought Carrie Mae Weems, of episode 1, to Beacon for an exhibit at the Beacon Project Space in 2002 and supported a project by her that was conceived as a series of interviews in a Main St storefront called the Record Shop, and concluded, in 2005, in an exhibit for the BCF in the Library Gallery of Bulldog Studios called Sited for the Record.

"Fantasy" will be screened on Oct 10 at 4pm at the Beacon Community Center.

This event is part of Art21 Access ‘09, a celebration of contemporary art and Season 5 of Art:21-Art in the Twenty-First Century sponsored by Art21. Art21 Access 09 is held at over 300 museums, schools, libraries, art spaces, and community centers and is organized in collaboration with Americans for the Arts’ National Arts and Humanities Month. Visit for more information.

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