Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Beacon Open Studios weekend; some images

The Mill's movie set-like exterior.

The Beacon Open Studios was pretty colossal this weekend.  I was only able to make it to a portion of the spaces.  Here are a few images of what I saw.

Above and below:  Stephan Spaccarelli's space at the Mill.
Above, Greg Slick's studio and below, Sara Corson's  portrait setup, both at the Mill.

 Alice Vaughn's Hudson River Bindery workspace at Beacon Studios - which is a name I've given up using.  Bulldog is what spills from most folk's lips still.

Jean-Marc Superville Sovak's stack in the library gallery of the old high school

Kirsten Kucer's drawings.

Theresa Gooby's napkin installation above, and her plastic bag works below.
Thomas Huber's work above and below.

Richard Bruce's studio.

Virtually everywhere I went, I encountered this baby stroller woman, let's call her "Kathy Feighery" and her adorable daughter whom we'll simply refer to as "Tess".  I swear she was intentionally following me.  She did it so well that her arrival in a location actually preceeded mine...very clever.  There was an episode of South Park where Ginger kids (a term I had never heard) run amok, led by the character Cartman.  Obviously, I was starting to get nervous.

Elia Gurna's work in her studio.

Outside Stephen Dickens' and Marsha Aliaga's Dirt Floor Studio.
Marsha's stair installation above and some of Stephen's paintings below.
The next several images are from my own open studio:
Below, some of the goodies provided by the Funky Baker.  I'm really trying to pimp her stuff. MMm, its good. These marble topped brownies that a surprisingly rich, Rich cocoa flavor.

 My now-upstair-neighbor, Marc Schreibman's photos on the front of the house.

 Above:  Elia Gurna's installation on our porch.  Below:  Inside the kitchen, Peter Iannarelli's work appropriated from byproducts of my studio labors.

 Stephen Dickens and friends krafting sound at the BOS after party at Spire Studios.


Kudos to Theresa Gooby in pulling this off, with the assisstance of BACA, and other helpers.  My impression is that it was very successful over all.  Saturday seemed awash with visitors and Sunday featured a steady stream of people despite the threatening rain. 
A survey is being prepared to collect the feedback from artists which will shape the event next year.  And indeed, there will be an event next year, Theresa's already laying out her approach.
If anyone has any thoughts, any input from the weekend and what they saw, throw down some comments here.
I now have many more artist links to add to the sidebar.

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