Thursday, September 03, 2009

Meet yer Maykr: Peter Acheson

I wandered on up to Ghent, NY yesterday to make a studio visit with Peter Acheson.  When I arrived, carpenters were putting siding on the building he's had constructed to store his work.  The new building sits next to the small barn in which he paints.   This new building holds 20+ years of resolved work, each section of the racks is ordered according to size, material, or vein of work.  
There are hundreds of completely different exhibits that could be culled from those sorted racks. 
Here are some images from the visit:
A very early owl totem work.
a group of small framed works of various vintage
two spray paint works from the last year or so.
one of Peter's recent vibratory paintings

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Anonymous said...

what is so great about this stuff? Its way over rated. Please tell me what it is that you like about this stuff.