Friday, September 11, 2009

Eye Candy Friday: Master of his domain

Attention 'round here at Kamp Maykr has been focused* on getting ready for the upcoming Beacon Open Studios.  I'm participating in the BOS on Sunday the 27 and I'll have a couple of guest artists creating special work around this here joint, like Peter Iannarelli, Peter Acheson, Elia Gurna, Marc Schriebman and perhaps one or two others.
In honor of opening one's inner sanctum to the public, this week's ECF gives us a brief peek into Richard Tuttle's studio as seen through the lens of Art 21.
Tuttle was featured in Season 3 of Art 21 from 2005.  
On a related note, Season 5 of Art 21 will be broadcast this October.  I've arranged for preview screenings of two of the four episodes (Episode 1:  Compassion, and Episode 2: Fantasy) at the Beacon Community Center.  The screenings are scheduled for Saturday Oct 3 and Saturday Oct 10 at 2pm.  There's a possibility that there might be an additional viewing opportunity or two at the stay tuned. for more info.
*Focused is an overstatement given my various obligations and work and such.  Obligations which have prevented me from posting in a timely manner, upcoming events in town, like tonight's openings at the Garrison Art Center, and tomorrow's Second Saturday openings like Peter Bynum at Van Brunt, Dan Weise at Open Space, Sara Mussen at Gallery G, and the grand opening of the Daniel Aubry Gallery.  Also, the closing reception and artist talk for WOMS, and I believe there is a Next Step going on at The Piggy Bank.  Then, of course, there's the opening reception Sunday of Double Dutch at HVCCA in Peekskill.  I'll be lending a hand down ther on Sunday.  Admission to the museum is free all weekend.  The opening reception is from 4-7pm.

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