Thursday, August 16, 2007

Aug 18, 2pm Go North talk presented at the Howland Cultural Center

This coming Saturday, Aug 18, Go North is sponsoring a talk that is being held in conjunction with the gallery's current "Out of Line" exhibit.
The talk "Drafting a Common (Abstract) Language: Seismosis as Conversation" will be conducted by John Keene and Christopher Stackhouse.

“Drafting a Common (Abstract) Language:
Seismosis as Conversation”. Co-authors of the book Seismosis (1913 Press, 2006),
John Keene and Christopher Stackhouse will explore the process and practice of
conversation across and through distinctive generic lines--visual art and
literature--by discussing and reading poems from and selected texts related to
this collaborative project. Issues they hope to touch upon include the question
of formal and thematic abstraction in specific genres, its relation to questions
of race, identification, and authorial agency and autonomy, and the problematics
of interpretation. How can the artist and poet speak to each other, and are
there languages other than the ones they enact through which to enter their

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