Friday, August 10, 2007

Fun Fun Fun

So indeed, tomorrow is Second Sat, and again there is fun for the whole family.
Earlier in the day, the kids can enjoy building and flying homemade kites with the Flyit event happening on the corner of Main and Cross, in the grassy lot next to RiverWinds.
Later in the evening, in the same location, Fovea, which has a program of events tomorrow will be presenting a slide show.

Don't forget the weekly wine tastings that happen at Artisan Wine Shop.

Receptions are happening at Go North, Van Brunt, bau, RiverWinds, Bannerman Island Gallery, Wildwood gallery, and undoubtedly more. You can find the appropriate links in the sidebar.

Also opening tomorrow is the Windows on Main St. There will be a walking tour of the artist windows beginning at 3pm at the Muddy Cup. Come by and enjoy a little fresh air before the openings kick off later in the afternoon and evening.

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