Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Grand Tour or Summer's fading fast

It's late Summer and that, of course, brings an inordinant number of site specific exhibitions to the area. None of which I've yet managed to get to. But there is still time.

Well, I guess there's still time for a few of them. The Garrison Art Center organized a Sculpture Tour with works placed on the grounds of Boscobel, Manitoga, Garrison's Landing, and the Desomond Fish Library which ended two weeks ago. I caught a glimpse of a tall slender red sculpture at the library as I buzzed by several times on Rt 9D. I have to say, planting some self contained self concious artwork in a landscape generally does so little for me anymore. I viewed a couple other pieces by Judy Sigunick, Karl Saliter and Grace Knowlton when we took a tour of
Manitoga in July. When asked about the sculptures, our tour guide did not want to discuss the sculpture as it was outside the purview of the tour in relation to Wright's manipulation of the quarry environment, and I think that was appropriate. What I found funny was her disdain for the work as it represented an interruption of the singular vision of the master's own utopia, besides the fact that some of the vegetation was trampled when some of the pieces were installed.

Then, there is the Kingston Biennial is going on through - Today.

Ok, so some of the gist of this post is, if you haven't seen many of these things. You're just about s.o.l.
Alright, on to the Ellenville 10 x 10 x 10 exhibit of art installations in storefront windows. Karlos Carcamo and Emil Alzamora are both participants. You have until tomorrow to make it to this exhibit.

On the other hand, Beacon's Windows on Main St will be open through Sept 8.

Collaborative Concepts Saunder's Farm outdoor exhibition will be opening next weekend. I'll be posting details on this show today or tomorrow.
Don't forget Storm King's exhibit of Louise Bourgeouis through Nov. 15. Now I know I'll be able to make to that one.
Beth Wilson reviews other outdoor offerings at the Woodstock Artist Guild and Art Omi in the August issue of Chronogram.

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