Thursday, August 23, 2007

What I did this week.

On Saturday, I attended Go North's launch of a program of talks held at the Howland Center as Christopher Stackhouse and John Keene spoke about the collaboration that resulted in the book Seismosis. Christopher's work is currently featured in Go North's "Out of Line" exhibit. The book is available for purchase at the gallery as well as on Amazon.

Audio from the talk will soon be on hand at the gallery for those who are interested.

On Monday night, A and I attended the final Porcine Preview Readings held by Flying Swine at the Howland Center for the Summer. This was the first of the readings that we had attended, and it was fun. Deborah Brevoort's Signs of Life was the subject of the reading. The first two scenes of this play were among those previewed as part of the ' Swine's
Taste of Bacon fundraiser shindig last May. Dan Da Silva was back again in the role of the male lead, and he has simply metabolized this role. It's not often that I make it out to see theatre and I know I haven't seen much GOOD theater, but, Dan seems like the kind of actor that takes the medium, and humps it over the fence into something really visceral. It's a fun play, and Da Silva sells it completely.

One thing I missed (by that much) was the monthly critique on Tuesday night. The group started at Spire, then headed down to Main St. to talk about Steve Rossi's, and Peter Iannarelli's WOMS installations. Maider Bilbao Echevarria, the current Artist in Residence at HVCCA. came up for the critique.
Maider's exhibit will be opening at the museum in Peekskill on Sept. 16. The next critique is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept 18 at 7:30, if you are interested in discussing your work, contact Sara at Sara has layed out an extended schedule for the critiques (which I'll be posting soon) to allow for easy scheduling for everone. I'll have a section in the sidebar with current information on meeting places for each critique.

I did manage, for the first time. to attend a meeting of the
Beacon Art Salon at Chthonic Clash on Wednesday. About 10 people were in attendance. The discussion revolved around the upcoming show of BAS members at Chthonic called "Interpreting Beacon" will will be opening on Second Saturday in Sept. (the 8th.) There was some talk about the next city wide open studio the group will be planning in December, and discussion regarding what sorts of activities the group may get into in order to fill the needs of the members. If you are interested in finding out more about BAS, hit the link above. It's free to join, and there is a yahoo group you can sign on to to receive info on opportunities or activities.

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John K said...

Dear Maykr,

Thanks so much for the mention and for coming to our Seismosis talk!