Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ahh Spring, Part 2: May Daze in Beacon

Months of speculation and talk have been leading up to the SiteLine Art Fair scheduled to happen here in Beacon on May 16-18. This art fair being organized by Carl Van Brunt of Van Brunt Gallery and Robert Curcio, one of the founders of the Scope Art Fair, will feature galleries and art institutions located along the Hudson Valley. The Sitelines Art Fair is mentioned in a recent discussion between Curcio and Leah Oates at NYARTS. There is no information as of yet on the Siteline website, but I do understand the event will indeed be happening, although perhaps not in the old Tallix Foundry building as originally planned. Stay tuned for information as it becomes available, both regarding Siteline, and other projects and events that are being scheduled to coincide with the art fair.
One such co-incidenting project is
Habitat for Artists, a collaborative project conceived and curated by Simon Draper and sponsored by Ecoartspace, Curator Amy Lipton. The project consists of the construction of artist studio/sheds that artists will work in, and modify to fit their needs for a month leading up to the SiteLine Fair when the'll be open for viewing. These artist habitats will be placed in locations around Beacon including outside Spire Studios, and outside of the SiteLine locaton. Thus far, confirmed participating artists include: Dar Williams, Christopher(me)Albert, Matt Kinney, Marnie Hillsley, Sara Mussen, Lori Nozick and Roy Staab
Below is a video of Simon constructing a structure for musician and neighbor, Dar Williams.

Also coming up in May, Spire Studios will be hosting a
group show set to open the weekend before, on Second Saturday.
The folks at
Open Space and the Beacon Art Supply are concocting a window based project on the East End of Main St. I don't have information on dates and details yet, but I'll be posting that soon.
I'm considering holding a wee project here at maykrhq to coincide with the Fair Weekend. Stay tuned.

Of course, all of this revolves around the fifth anniversary of Dia:Beacon which will be observed with the annual Gala being held on May 17 ( the museum will close at 2pm that day.) Additionally, the Merce Cunningham Dance Company will be giving a pair of performances on Sunday, May 18 at 2 and 4:30 pm. This pair of performances is the third in a series of works presented in different galleries of the museum. In Sept 07, a work was staged in the Warhol Gallery, and in January of this year, two stages linked by a narrow passageway traversed the De Maria Galleries. Alistair Macaulay penned reviews of each (1 and 2) performance for the Times.

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