Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ahh Spring, Part 3: In Print in in the Media and in the Air

Here's a round up of things that have crossed by desk.
As we were heading down to Philly for a quick errand, we heard WDST morning dj's Gattine & Franz talking with Poughkeepsie Journal's music columnist John Barry about Joe Bertoluzzi's Bridge Music Project. Joe's has been garnered many moral supporters for his project, and his is working with a marketing class at Marist to create the pr campaign. The biggest hurdle remains the financial one, with Joe estimating $1M to execute the project as planned in 2009 for the Quadricentennial celebration of Henry Hudson's sailing of the Hudson River.
Also in the POJO this week. The enjoy section features an interview with Leigh Wen whose work is on view at the Beacon Institute through July. Leigh will be giving a talk at the Beacon Institute on April 26.
Last week's Enjoy focused on the current exhibit at Vassar's Francis Lehman Loeb Art Center Out of Shape: Stylistic Distortions of the Human Form which features selections from the collection of Ken and Vicki Logan. The exhibit will be on view until June 8. Artist Layla Ali is scheduled to give a talk on April 25 at 5pm and a reception for the exhibit will be held at 6pm after the talk.

Angelika Rinnhofer's photos can be found inside and on the cover of the Mar/April edition of Italian photo magazine ZOOM. You can view a pdf of the magazine spread at Paul Kopeikin Gallery's website

2006, FSC certified birch plywood, vinyl, wool, foam, casters, 52.5 x 48 x 51 inches, photo Tom Moore

James Westwater has a book out now on his Plywood Chateaux. With contributions from Steven Evans, Zane Fischer, Ryan Schulz, Naomi Sachs, and photograpy by Tom Moore, the book is available through and locally at Burlock, Relic and the Dia:Beacon bookstore. The Plywood Chateaux have been featured on the Treehugger blog, and the Shedworking blog, and they'll be included in an upcoming book called Shedworking in July. Check out the video by Tom Moore of a chateau being constructed.
I'll get more into James' project shortly. It's uncanny how the trajectory of James' work, given his forthcoming exhibit at Van Brunt will include "Homeless Chateau" which started out as "Chateau for Homeless Artist" evokes so many of the same issues that are broached with the Habitat for Artists project that Simon Draper is conducting.
It's one of those great moments of synchronicity. I say that just because prior to being present when Simon's HFA was born, I found myself dreaming of building a small self contained isolated structure within our apartment in which to meditate or work in extremely small scale.

Last item in the air; it seems that Collaborative Concepts is working to secure an exhibition space down in Peekskill in which an invitational show will be held later this year providing it all comes together.

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