Thursday, March 06, 2008

Second Saturday Openings March 8 2008

It irks me when the days slide by and I post info on an upcoming opening just a day or two beforehand, particularly when I receive the information in a timely manner from the artist or gallery. I just can't always get the job done when I'd like. Sorry folks.
But here it is; that which will be opening this Second Saturday of March 2008 -as far as I know at this point in time.

From 4-8pm
Fovea Exhibitions Beacon Gallery will be opening the exhibit of photographs by photojournalist Palani Mohan "Vanishing Giants - Elephants of Asia." Mr Mohan will be traveling from Malaysia for the opening. While here he is participating in Fovea's education and outreach program in the community. The opening will also be the US launch on Mr. Mohan's book on Asian Elephants. Fovea is co-sponsoring a presentation by Mr Mohan at the Asia Society in NYC on March 11 (more on this soon.)

Photomontage by Patrick Winfield

Open Space will be returning from a monthlong hiatus with an exhibit of poloroid Composites by Patrick Winfield. Composite is the name of the exhibit. I stopped in last weekend as Patrick was beginning work on a window installation. The reception runs from 6-9pm.
I just learned that thanks to Open Space, Beacon Art Supply and the Piggy Bank, another Next Step party will be happening on Sat. starting at 10pm. El Jef[f]e, The Super + Shainfu and Break Beats will be providing music.
bau will be opening an exhibit called Black and White. I imagine this will be a group show, but I'm not sure. Reception, as always, from 6-9pm.
Hermitage will be continuing exhbiting collaborative work of Jon Beacham and Kensie Duffy. Part 2 of Kulan includes more pieces from the collaboration. Jon has been slowly adding to and altering the exhibition, and I spied some subtle differences in the installation during a short visit on Sunday. In fact, I know that things go on the walls, run their course and then come down without regard for needing to be seen. Things are created and are received at their own pace in this place and you know that as a visitor you are tapping into a process that is fully independant from reliance on your gaze to validate that effort. I find this very redeeming and contrary to the general gallery experience. By the way, this month's Chronogram has a
small piece on Hermitage, and the Poetry Foundation's Harriet blog gives a mention also.

Jeff Caramagna "The Shark"

Go North will be showing Jeff Caramagna's Cryptogeometry. Jeff's moving a some very large canvases into the space, so, Let the claustrophobia commence. I'm anxious to see the effect these large graphic pieces have on the gallery, and since leaving Spire Studios a year ago, I haven't had a good dose of maddenly loud reggae rising up from below my feet, perhaps the boys can have Jeff place a thumping boombox banging away in the basement. It'll truly make me feel at home.

Barbara Doherty's Primitive Occult Adornments

Don't forget the "Black Light District"- Primitive Occult Adornments in Leather and Rubber by Barbara Doherty at Zahra Studio. Gallery Director, Vanessa Tellez is describing this as a gothic leather circus. Nice. I can't verify this, but in an ironic turning of the tables, I hear that Dakin Roy might be appearing as one of the evening's models.
Finally, I received a call from Frank Ritter the other day saying that bCOOP will be open and having another event on Saturday. I don't know the details, but you can stop in at 4 S Chestnut (around the corner from Subway.)

Ok, I'm in a rush out the door, so I'll try to flesh this out later, and provide pics.

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