Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ahh Spring & Fair Weather

Storm King opens for its 2008 season on April 1st. There is no exhibition information for this year on the Storm King's website, but Tyler Green has reported that the Center will be hosting an exhibit of Sol LeWitt sculpture beginning on May 14.

This year, the coming of Spring also means the onset of NYC
Art Fair Week, and the Armory Show is charging $30 for entry. Whawa wHa What? But, if you get nine or more of your friends together as a group, tix are just $15. I would hope someone would stage a group formation booth outside of the show where people could gather together, and once the requisite 10 heads were assembled, the ad hoc group could enter the show, and demand the group rate.
Also on the dockets for the dates of March 27-30:
Bridge - $10, Scope - $15, Pulse - $15, Volta - $10, Art Now (has a fancy website, and a nice map showing proximity to Volta and Red Dot, but no admission price info.), Red Dot - $12, DiVA - free (runs from today through the 30th)
I'm planning on attending the Art Bloggers panel discussion hosted by Red Dot, which will be comprised of some of our -er- my favorites:
Moderator: Joanne Mattera, painter, Joanne Mattera Art Blog. Panelists:
Edward Winkleman, Winkleman Gallery and Edward_Winkleman blog; Carol Diehl,
painter and critic, Artvent; Paddy Johnson, blogger, Art Fag City; C-Monster,
freelance writer whose identity will be revealed at the event; Sharon Butler,
artist/writer/professor, Two Coats of Paint.
This discussion is scheduled for 11am on March 30. There are several other talks on the schedule that day as well.

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