Monday, March 31, 2008

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black and blue: the birth of an art fair.
There is now some general information on the SiteLines website. Schedule and admission information mainly. Details are slim, but we now know there will be a video lounge curated by Bart Bridger Woodstrup, a couple of panel discussions and an invitational exhbition accompanying the fair.

On the Sitelines site, I found a link to the Electric Windows event that will be taking place on the same weekend. Details for this project which is being sponsored by Open Space Beacon, the Beacon Art Supply, and Sabotaz 80 are also forthcoming, but the gist is that 24 street artists from all over will be invited to create work on vinyl that will be mounted in the windows of 1 E. Main St., the former Electric Blanket factory. As I understand it, the pieces will be created and installed all on the same weekend, and then the pieces will remain on view for 12 months. Heads up: there may be a need for assistance in housing some participating artists for the weekend. Keep it in mind; if you have a place in your heart and possibly on your couch, you too can make the difference in some artist's day.
Open Space will be hosting a companion exhibit of work by artists that will include: Ron English (NYC), Above (San Francisco), Ripo (Barcelona), Lady Pink (NYC), Michael De Feo (NYC), Jim Darling/Tina Andersen (Los Angeles), Rick Price (Beacon), Peripheral Media Projects (Brooklyn) and Dan Funderburgh (Brooklyn) and many more...

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