Sunday, October 14, 2007

Art can bring us together, Art can tear us apart

Today's NYTimes Magazine has a lengthy article by Joe Nocera titled chronicling the working relationship of former Dia Foundation Board Chairman, Leonard Riggio and former Dia Foundation Director Michael Govan. I've only just perused the article thus far, but as it is a business and not an arts article, it gives a good overview of the museum and foundation to anyone not familiar with the institution. The article tracks the inner workings of the Foundation from the point when both men became involved with it, to when they departed from it, and through today under the leadership of Jeff Weiss, who came on as Director earlier this year.


Feb 20, 2007-Carol Vogel article on the appointment of Jeffrey Weiss as Govan's replacement.
May 17, 2007-Carol Vogel article on the resignation of Riggio from the Dia Art Foundation's board.

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