Saturday, October 13, 2007

Openings tonight

Again, here it is, Second Saturday again. Once again.

Megan Maloy, Shaving with Cows.

Harford Fair, an exhibit of photographs by Megan Maloy opens at Go North; reception from 6-9pm. The exhibit runs through Nov 4.

VanBrunt Gallery opens tonight with exhibits of work by Christie Scheele and Tom Christopher. The opening reception is happening from 6-9pm. At 9pm, VanBrunt will be doing a public screening of "First Person" a selection of video work curated by Robert Ladislas Derr and Marcy B Freedman.

New bau member Tom Holmes will be exhibiting his sculpture at bau. The reception happens from 6-9pm.

I know there are other openings happening today, but I don't have the information, nor the time to cull the information.

Don't forget, Open Space is hosting an artist talk by Michael De Feo at 5pm., and beginning at 9pm, NEXT STEP - The Second Saturday After Party at Piggy Bank. See my previous post for details.

I'm off to Manhattan, I hope to be back for the After Party later on.

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