Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Goings on at Dia:Beacon, Oct 27

Dia is currently operating under the first phase of its winter hour schedule. Between now and Nov 12, the museum is open from Thurs to Mon, 11am to 4 pm.
From Nov. 16 to April 14 the museum will be open from 11 to 4, Fri. to Mon.

There are several events scheduled for this coming Saturday:
1pm, Gallery Talk: Tim Rollins on Robert Ryman.
2pm, Conversation: Lynn Cooke will be speaking with An-My Le
4-6pm, Reception: Public opening of George Trakas' Beacon Point.

Unfortunately, I'll miss these events as I'm currently in South Dakota, en route to Denver.

I'm waiting for Dia to offer podcasts of audio from gallery talks and other events. I have been present for some really good talks...and a few eh talks, but an online resource is something I would certainly appreciate.
I'm interested in hearing how Rollins approaches Ryman in his talk.
I'm also interested in hearing An-My Le discuss her suite of Trap Rock photos commissioned by Dia . I find the group of works to be a real yawner and I'd like to try to understand what she intended with this work. It could be said that the photos allude to the legacy of the Dia Foundation's relationship with the earthwork activities of Heizer and Smithson. It's possible that, within these photos, one could attribute a linkage between the invasive scuptural language of those far flung projects and the use of landscape as object/subject by artists of another time in this art-historically laden Hudson River Valley, and by framing the violence of man's exertion on the land, An-My Le creates a locally ocurring visual rhyme tying the cultural footprint of this museum to the efforts of those artists of the 19th Century who worked in this same place.
But it just doesn't roll with me. Looking at these, I keep thinking that I'd rather be looking at

I came across a blog originating from a class at Vassar that has some
recent photos of George Trakas' ongoing project at the waterfront.
Additionally, Matthew Coolidge will be speaking about the Hudson River School as part of Dia's Artist on Artists series down in NYC. Coolidge's talk will take place at 6:30 on Oct 29. More info on this and other stuff can be had at

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