Friday, October 26, 2007

On the lay of the land and the remote survey

America Sive India Novaby Michael Mercator, first printed in 1595.
From a catalogue entry by Andre Guimand "Sixteenth-Century Renaissance Cartography"
appearing on a
website for the Art history 110 course at Cornell University.

Ulster Publishing, the publisher of the Weekly Almanac, and the recently emergent Dutchess Beat has produced a special publication this month heralding all things Fall here in the Hudson Valley. The resident art writer Paul Smart has written a 'cliff notes' description of the character of art activity in the towns and areas around the Valley.

In the past, Paul Smart has written about art in Beacon in terms of two anchors of art on Main St.- bau and VanBrunt Gallery, one very special lady, one touted renaissance that hasn't yet turned the corner, and not much else. In this recent fall overview, Smart does allude to other spaces beside the the two aforementioned bastions of Beacon Art. The Concentric and Backroom gallery are mentioned as two of a number of galleries to open recently near Van Brunt (Backroom has been open since 2002 in the backroom until last year when it spread into the store front.) I'm guessing that Smart was referring to Go North when he mentioned Concentric since Concentric Gallery was located at the other end of Main St (near bau.) and has not recently opened, but recently closed after three years of doin bidnizz.

Visitors spurred on by Smart to trek to Fovea, "a worldclass space for documentary photographers" might be a little disoriented as he placed the gallery "above the firehouse" near bau when it's on the ground floor of single story building across the street and around the bend from the firehouse. On the upside, these folks will be treated to a glass blowing demonstration and gently put back on track by the fine folks at Hudson Beach Glass.

I know Mr Smart has been to Beacon at least once. I've seen him. I just wonder if he's getting his intelligence from scurvy-afflicted culture pirates that, along with doggie bags from the Piggy Bank, have brought back tales from the distant southern reaches of Dutchess County. *

Alas dear reader, lest you thinkst I sit here before my computer fuming at the indignancy that this misrepresentation of location has wrought upon my fair ville, let it be known that I realize that mere facts are fungible and snark can be a rewarding hobby. An thank goodness somebody is writing about art.

On another note, in the realm of opens and closures, I've heard that Freshman Fine Art will be closing, and I noticed a for rent sign in the gallery's window.

For your navigation pleasure, here is a google map highlighting art venues in Beacon, NY.
* Please note that I am not implying in any way that the food at the Piggy Bank promotes the development of scurvy in its customers. There are indeed salads and other sources of Vitamin C on the menu, I'm sure. Just not in the pulled pork sandwich.

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