Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fovea Exhibitions Beacon Gallery launches program with talks by Ron Haviv

Fovea Exhibitions Beacon Gallery is launching an educational outreach program. This first endeavor in this program will happen Ron Haviv will be speaking with local junior high school students at the gallery on Friday Nov. 19.

The students are attending as a part of a local program designed to provide
lower-income youth with educational after-school alternatives to spending
time in the streets.

Earlier in the day, Haviv will be visiting with students of Beacon High and Washington High Schools.

Mr. Haviv is donating his time to educate these and other students on the plight
of the refugees in Darfur, including stories about young Sudanese teenagers
roughly the same age as the children to whom he will be lecturing. Mr. Haviv
will also be visiting the Beacon High School and Washingtonville High School
students earlier in the day. FOVEA is an educational charity designed to
promote awareness of international and domestic news events through the works
of photojournalism. It opened in May of this year, and this event marks the
start of FOVEA’s educational programs with regional schools and community

For more information contact the directors:
Sabine Meyer 917 848 3436 SMeyer@FoveaEditions.Org
Stephanie Heimann 845 765 2199 Stephanie@FoveaEditions.Org

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